Experts were amazed by the amount of precision and craftsmanship in something built using only stone, bone, and wooden Tools


That may make it the earliest known wooden structure on earth confirmed using this method.


“The rings on the trunks enable us to provide a precise quote .”

Ostrov Water Well

According to Radio Prague International, the well had been found in the town of Ostrov at 2018, during building on the Czech Republic’s D35 highway. Though the ceramic remnants found inside dated the website to the early Neolithic period, no signs of settlements were found nearby.


“We consider it was used by settlers throughout what we call the Neolithic Revolution, during a transition from a lifestyle of hunting and gathering to one of agriculture and settlements,” said Peška. “These individuals probably built simply-structured homes and domesticated animals.”


The lack of settlement signs near the well suggested that it was utilized by numerous settlements that were found some distance away. Filled with dirt, an animal horn, and bird bones, it was carefully unearthed in one piece.


Some of the wooden poles were felled sooner than the others, suggesting they were used previously for something else prior to being repurposed.


Built with a bamboo pole at each corner and horizontal planks of wood between them, it measured 2.62 feet by 2.62 feet and stood 4.6 feet tall.


A rotating shaft protruded out the bottom and into the ground to reach the groundwater below. Peška was rather impressed with its design.


“The structure of this well is exceptional,” he explained. We had no idea the first farmers, who only had tools made from stone, bones, horns, or timber, were able to process the surface felled trunks with such precision.”


A couple of the sticks were felled three to nine years sooner than others, suggesting they were previously used elsewhere before being repurposed for the well. One of the planks, also, was felled earlier, involving 7,261 and 7,244 years back. Experts believe this was because of a repair on the well.


While it isn’t official that it is the oldest wooden structure in existence, the study team produces a good case. Though there are over 40 of these wells across Europe relationship to similar timeframes, those dating quotes weren’t based on dendrochronology.


For Peška, the craftsmanship used to build the well along with the creativity it exhibits is the most remarkable area of the discovery.


“The available technology, i.e., tools made from stone, bones, horn or wood, was adequate for sophisticated carpentry,” he said. “Comparing the structure of the Ostrov nicely with examples of carpentry from later periods raises nothing less than admiration because of the perfectly precise work”


As it stands, scientists have substituted the water that the well was submerged in using plain white sugar to ensure the artifact is still preserved.


“The wooden boards are submerged within this sucrose solution and will remain there for many months,” clarified Peška. “During this time the damaged cellular structure of the wood is going to be replaced by sucrose, whose chemical composition is very similar to cellulose in wood.”


“Then it’ll be fixated and only then can the nicely be exhibited in Pardubice Museum as previously agreed. Altogether, the restoration process should take about two years.”


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