Indeed, Talent Is Evenly Distributed, But Opportunity Is Not!!


Seeing this funny Instagram video breaks my heart one bit… not more than ONE! LOL 😂😂😂

But to be realistic, I’ve encountered multiple situations with lost talent in Africa, which gives me the impression that there is more to be done to salvage Africa and it’s wasting talent.

As for leaders, it’s a no-go area. A vast majority of them ONLY care for the lives, safety, and education of the rich kids and family – not for the masses!!

Beginning with raw talents, to the hot brains, to the dexterous and ambidextrous youths on the streets in search for their hidden potential. 

Are we yet to talk about upcoming teens? 
Kids of between 2 and 10 who’re a stone-throw from realizing their full potential. Which is also seen portrayed in their day-to-day lifestyle and living. 

How much more can we mention, that is seen and unseen – I’m really forced to believe that talent is evenly distributed (by the creator) while a lot still lacks that pedestal, that platform, that opportunity to shapen their talents and explore unambiguously where greener pasture seem achievable.


The video below shows a little fella, doing what he knows best. Miming and mimicking the impossibleeee! 



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Oh my goodness 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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