Man Wearing Fake Bomb Stabs Two In”terrorist-related” Assault In London

Man Wearing Fake Bomb Stabs Two In”terrorist-related” Assault In London


Police said the defendant, a 20-year-old, needed a bogus bomb strapped to his body and that he was”under busy police surveillance” before the episode.

“Three individuals are known to have been hurt from the #Streatham attack before this day,” that the Met mentioned on Twitter. 1 man was brought to the hospital at life-threatening state, but has enhanced; another individual treated at the scene prior to being hospitalized and released. The next victim has non-life-threatening accidents, based on authorities.

Police shot the guy at about two local times at the Streatham High Road area of London and he was later declared dead. Eyewitness Daniel Gough told BBC News that he”heard three gunshots go off and everybody around me began running  a side road.”


“After a couple of minutes I moved back down and watched a policeman and he cried, telling all to get back,” Gough said. “His gun was pointing at the path of a guy on the ground.”


The London Ambulance Service stated medics were on the scene in four minutes.


The Met said before the episode” was announced as terrorist-related.”


She confirmed that the man was later released from prison in which he had been serving time for terrorism crimes. Authorities said the incident was an isolated episode.


U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson thanked initial responders and stated his”ideas are with the wounded and those affected”


Authorities said there was no”continuing threat” to the general public, but the region remained closed as the investigation continued.


A comment on the scene stated armed police were blocking off roads across Streatham High Road.


The offender, who was sporting a hoax explosive device, was shot and killed by authorities, who called the attack a”terrorist event “


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