BombShell!! Birmingham School Pupils 'Act Like Gangsters' In New College Fight`

BombShell!! Birmingham School Pupils ‘Act Like Gangsters’ In New College Fight`


The Thug’Like’ Birmingham School PupilsšŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚.

Lol, This is one of that crazy disheartening occurrence that’s somehow seen as hilarious.

I can’t possibly believe that School Pupils will be this weird and uncontrollable – perhaps not where I come from.

According to Daily Mail UK…

‘There’s NO respect, staff have lost control’: Pupils and parents tell of brutal mob rule at Birmingham school as teachers plan second strike over knife fears and escalating violence


The video above reveals shocking footage of wild Birmingham school pupils acting like Gangsters.

A few reports actually believed that Birmingham School is a place where pupils literally act like Gangsters and miscreants. 

Birmingham School, where pupils ‘act like gangsters’ has been revealed as parents and pupils tell of the everyday violence, with teachers planning a second strike.

Oh, yea sounds funny, but looking at it from another perspective, I don’t think that to generalize is ideal. A few other pupils may be the best version of themselves.

So according to gathered published reports from two sources…

Things have gotten so bad, that most parents resort to pulling their children out of the school that is built across three sites. According to some parents – life in itself is inexplicably becoming a shit for them knowing that they have young children who study at the metropolitan school.


The comments come as parents call for metal detectors to be used every morning at Starbank School after a member of staff was threatened with a knife and another suffered a split lip after being hit by a Year 7 pupil.

The school has been described by Ofsted as ‘impressive’ and ‘inspirational’, and has infused panic buttons over fear of attacks from Birmingham school pupils who really ‘act like gangsters’ in the classroom.

According to Mail Online, & quoting a parent who’s kid attend the school 

One parent, Mohammad Butt, 44, has three boys and a daughter at the school. He said that his 15-year-old son was attacked by 20 boys outside the building.

‘He might’ve died if I hadn’t pulled them off,’ he said.

He said he is now forced to walk right into the school to pick his son up. He added: ‘I’ve complained to the school dozens of times and reported that incident to the police. 

‘Now I’m fed up of the school not doing anything and I’m removing all my children. I didn’t let them come on Thursday because I’d heard of the fights.’

His son, Abdullah, said: ‘It was like I’d been in a boxing match. I had cuts and bruises all over and a busted lip.’  


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