Here’s How To Laugh & Stay Happy On Instagram (Officer Jato Instagram)😘😘😘


Officer Jato Instagram😘😘😘

I know how to do literally NOTHING else but laugh whenever I scroll through suggested contents on Instagram. 

Ok, yada yada!  let’s see Officer Jato Instagram funny content on Instagram today before going down to that tale.



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So now, the reason is that I have learnt to make myself happy and delighted at all times. Regardless of what condition has to offer.

So how did I achieve that?

There are inexplicably many ways you can achieve the same. Especially with regard to How, Where and What are those things that can literally make and keep you happy and excited.

So in this context – we apparently gonna be looking at a way to derive happiness and joy on social media.

Of course, I am going to be doing a separate in-depth cornerstone content on this topic, for now; let’s talk nitty-gritty and not broad.

Social Media followings and followers (Instagram)

Again, when I talk about social media in this context, I singularly mean Instagram and not Facebook or All-Inclusive social platforms.

In a simple and more eloquent statement: I literally control the people I follow and the people who follow me. Placing top priority in the ‘People That I Follow’, because in the end – your happiness is determined by the nature of contents Instagram recommends or suggests to your timeline.  Of which is extracted from the 95% of profiles that you follow.

Attributing Officer Jato Instagram recent Instagram post isn’t different from where I am driving at.

School of thought: Follow Instagram Profiles of people that their contents are suitable for you and make you feel happy. 

Like & Follow Comedy Skits & Short Videos

Remember the rule of this option: do not be overly selective or racist (as long as you can understand the language communicated or the direction of the comedy skit or prank video )


heres-how-to-laugh-stay-happy-on-instagram-officer-jato-instagram - post


There is a discreet secret and reason for that rule/law: but let’s not delve into that now.

Comedy skits and Videos On Instagram are a great tool to keep anyone and everyone happy at all times. Though NOT everyone understands this point, but trust me – 90% of the people (animals inclusive) in the world have mouths, and they laugh!!


Unfollow Contents That Breaks The Heart

For once; why NOT you just unfollow those crappy profiles of people that remind you of your ugly past and incidences that are gruesome? 

The journey to happiness on Instagram does not happen like magic, or by following just every pinky  & brain that you find. 

Even if you have a new account and have ZERO followers or followings – relax – it pays off to be lonely than pollute your life with contents of people that will break and crack your life into atoms of brimstone.

Just like the popular saying that my most remembered class teacher (Mr Alake) often reminded us of – Cleanliness is next to Godliness, once your Instagram or other social media profiles are clean of junks (unwanted contents from irrelevant followers) only then that you’re close to achieving happiness and unquantifiable laughter with your account.

School of thought: You know those TYPES of contents that you detest, I can’t possibly decide for you. Unfollow them NOW!!


Do this and ensure to do it well – let’s discuss in-depth in the next coming episodes of how to achieve happiness and excitement on Instagram social media.


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