Lizzo twerks from the airport in defiant throwback Movie… after Jillian Michaels’ controversial comments about her weight


Oh yea, Lizzo  has shared a defiant twerking video amid the debate surrounding Jillian Michaels’ controversial comments about her weight.


The 31-year-old star posted a throwback clip social networking platform TikTok on Thursday, showing her pals dancing in an airport lounge for her tune Tempo.

The letting diva is concealed from view at first, before lowering her Marie Claire magazine and joining in on the fun.


Wearing a rainbow-hued shirt and grey tracksuit trousers, Lizzo exudes confidence as she exhibits her twerking skills.


The tempo is an anthem for her curves, with the opening lines stating: ‘Slow songs, they for skinny h**s. Can not move all this here to among these.

She captioned the video: #tbt #fyp #tempo B***H WE GOT VINTAGE TIKTOKS AHHHHHHHGGGGGGHHHHG'

She captioned the movie: #tbt #fyp #tempo B***H WE GOT VINTAGE TIKTOK AHHHHHHHGGGGGGHHHHG’.


She told The Daily Telegraph her music ‘encourages kids to love themselves and accept their own bodies’ – adding that bringing positive change was her ‘target’ in the industry.


Lizzo explained:’I recall what listening to music did for me, what other musicians have done for me growing up, and it is really full circle to see that beginning to happen with my music.


‘This was the aim – to help bring some type of positive change and positive impact into the world and the way we feel about ourselves and this is really starting to take place now.’


Lizzo appeared to be reacting to Jillian after she contested the body-positive motion connected with plus-size actors including Lizzo and version Ashley Graham.


She said:’I really like her music, 100%… but why are we celebrating her entire body? Why does it matter? That is what I’m saying. Why aren’t we celebrating her music?


‘Cause it is not gonna be awesome if she has diabetes – I’m just being truthful. ‘There is never a moment where I am like: I’m so glad she’s obese!’


The opinions were skewered by most on interpersonal media, with many defending Lizzo for her entire body positivity and infectious self-esteem.


‘I don’t actually give two s***s about Jillian Michaels,”’ one user wrote,’but we celebrate Lizzo since Lizzo unapologetically observes Lizzo and encourages all to celebrate themselves so Jillian can f*** all the way off to anything washboard ab mountain of misery she sits atop.’


Others pointed to some toxic part in Michaels’ admonishment that leads to eating disorders.


‘If I were subjected to more Lizzo and not as Jillian Michaels once I was younger, possibly I would not have spent my life hating my body,’ author Ashley Fairbanks said.


Amid the pushback, Michaels took to Twitter to state her case, saying that she’s nothing against Lizzo, but is worried for her well-being.


‘As I’ve stated repeatedly, we’re beautiful, worthy and equally deserving,’ Jillian wrote.


‘I’d never wish them for ANYONE and I’d hope we prioritize our health because we LOVE our bodies.’

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