Terrifying Video: Daredevil Ride Broke Apart And Crashed People To Ground-1

Terrifying Video: Daredevil Ride Broke Apart And Crashed People To Ground

It’s indeed a terrifying video: WTF…😭😭😭😭
Wonder why it’s being called a ‘Daredevil Ride’?
Ok, now to the pain-points, the media quoted…
  • Sky-high daredevil failed sending dozens of people crashing to the ground
  • Plus, a 19-year-old  girl was reportedly killed in the tragedy in Jizzakh, Uzbekistan
  • Riders were strapped in and flung high in the air for a 360-degree swing

Below is a video showing the terrifying moment a 360-degree daredevil ride broke apart and sending many dozens of people that are on it crashing to the ground.

It may please to know the exact location of the incident. This happened in Jizzakh, Uzbekistan. And the sad news is that a 19-year-old girl was reportedly killed in the dangerous spontaneous crash



Come to think of it, a similar incidence happened sometimes in Korea earlier this year while masses acknowledged the new year season bliss.

I must say, it’s not ONLY an Uzbekistan thing but a general issue that parents and families must pay serious attention to.

For example, taking proper measures to ensure that your kids visit the right amusement park with modern state of art play and fun equipment is a choice.

Terrifying Video: Daredevil Ride Broke Apart And Crashed People To Ground

And for the age of these types of equipment: no doubt, it is a crucial part of the whole research. Because if truly the authorities had measures in place that closely monitor all of these checklists, the Daredevil Ride Breaking Apart story wouldn’t be one that sent out a wrong signal of the park to potential customers.

The affected girl (victim) was identified by her initials MH, aged 19. From Jizzakh, which is apparently 125 miles southwest of capital city Tashkent.

The amusement park is on the bank of the River Sanzar.

The city was a key staging post on the old Silk Road.


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